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    GreenGy: Plug, and charge with renewable

    The brand new app allows you to charge your mobile device with renewable electricity


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    You want Renewable? Prove it!

    LA communauté des GrenGytateurs

    Let's ask for Renewable!

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    Together, let's create a community of people that really want to change the game

    Let' get big, lets move things!

    Toujours pus de Vert !

    Our Greening virtuous cycle

    Act for the change

    Demand is Supply. Let's use this global economy rule to accelerate the change!

    Let's be part of the solution and act for it.

    3 mois Gratuits, sans engagement, AUCUN !

    Charge with Green Energy!

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    To try and ask for renewable.

    It is easy.

    It doesn't cost a thing

    Then if you'd like to continue being a GreeGytator, it will be 1.99€ for 1 year

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    Objective: charge with renewable energy

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