There are millions of mobile devices in France - if we all demand to use Green energy to recharge our mobile devices, we can create something big.
Thanks to the Greengy app, you can recharge your device with renewable electricity using any outlet in your home, at the office, at a train station, airport, restaurant…basically anywhere in France!

to become a Greengytator
We use the same system as ALL Green electricity suppliers in France and Europe. This is called the Guarantee of Origin (GoO).
It is currently impossible to trace the origin of an electron on the French electricity grid system, BUT the use of renewable electricity can be 100% guaranteed using GoO.
This comes in the form of an electronic certificate number which proves that the quantity of electricity you have consumed has been produced and injected into the French electricity grid system in the same period of time.
You might be wondering - how will this help? Not only will you be using more green energy, but when we buy GoOs, it becomes additional revenue for electricity producers. Together, we are pushing them to produce more green energy!
Our Guarantee of Origins come from solar, wind, and hydro power. We buy them from French suppliers.
To find out which ones you used, just go onto the app at the beginning of each month and you will see the number of watts you used per type on the home page. You may even find more useful info like the location and the name of the producer!
No need to launch the app to charge green - it does everything by itself.
BUT you can also find on the app hand picked news articles on sustainable development. Go check it out on the home page!
You can download the app for free. After signing up, you will have 625wh of free credits, representing approximately 3 months of free green charging.
Once your free credits are used up, you can keep charging Green for 2EUR per year (2.5kwh).
Why is it so cheap? Our smartphones and/or tablets don’t actually use a lot of electricity. But remember - there are millions of them in France, so just imagine the greener world we could create if we were all using Greengy!